Looking to Make Connections, Alumni Offices Log On to LinkedIn

How to Set Up and Manage a Facebook Group
July 25, 2017

For Michael Steelman, George Washington University’s director of alumni career services, consulting with alumni these days sometimes means chatting with them on LinkedIn instead of talking with them across the table.

While other social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also used in alumni programs, Mr. Steelman says LinkedIn offers a level of professionalism that appeals to many graduates and current students. Alumni looking to network “don’t necessarily want to see photos of where someone went on vacation this year,” he says, but they do want to see where other graduates have worked and if they’re located nearby.

As social-media sites continue to expand, evolve, and change the ways people communicate with one another, college and university alumni offices have learned to adapt—some more willingly than others.

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October 28, 2013

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